About My Wardrobe

Your own personal shortlist

My Wardrobe is your own personal shortlist of the wedding dresses, bridesmaids, special occasion wear or prom gown that you would love to get to know better.

Using this facility can help both you and our and our consultants gain a clear insight into your own particular design choices.

You can let us know when booking your appointment which items spark your imagination and we will try our very best to ensure that they are available to try on at your appointment.

Your Wardrobe facility will become home to your design choices; you can use this facility when you want, review when you want and save exactly what you want.

There is also a bridal diary facility built into this process where you can keep track of all of your wedding appointments in one place.

All the information that you store within the facility is only accessible by you and at no point is the information available to Allison Jayne or any third party. You can of course share your choices through your social media platforms if you choose.

The My Wardrobe facility is all about you, today's fashion focused woman.

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